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Koffee & Donutte Special

Koffee & Donutte Special

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What's a Donutte Without Coffee?☕️ 

Get your choice of Donutte Bath Bombe with a pouch of Koffee Scrub. The perfect zero-calorie way to relax and unwind. Choose the "Surprise" option for our choice of Donutte. 


  • 🍩 (1) Donutte
  • ☕️(1) Koffee Scrub 

Koffee Scrub ☕️

The beautiful thing about coffee for skin is that that caffeine "wakes" your is just like a cup of joe does your body! Koffee Scrub is made with german roasted espresso. It's like pulling a fresh shot of coffee every time you use it! Perfect for hands, feet, elbows, and other areas.

Donutte Bombe 🍩

Bakery-inspired donut-shaped bath bombs are a perfectly sweet way to relax and unwind. Each Donutte is made with organic cocoa butter, coconut oil, plant-based colors, vegan, non-GMO fragrances, and essential oils. Drizzle with real soap "icing". Simply draw a warm bath, watch your Donutte fizz, and release sweet aromas and skin-loving oils. Use the soapy icing to complete bathtime.


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