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Donutte Bakery Box

Donutte Bakery Box

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🍩 Donuttes so good, you need to grab a box!🍩

Grab a bakery box of Donutte Bombes and save. Cute donut-shaped bath bombs are a perfectly sweet way to relax and unwind. Available in a 4 pack, or a 6 pack 

Each Donutte is made with organic cocoa butter, coconut oil, plant-based colors, vegan, non-gmo fragrances, and essential oils. Drizzled with real soap "icing".

Choose from these 4 scents: 

  • 🌹Rose Berry: rose-scented with strawberry & red clay, real strawberries & rose petals

  • 🍫Chocolate Tuxedo: chocolate scented with real dark cacao & chocolate cocoa butter pieces  

  • 🍊Citrus Dreams:  Orange & Lemon EO’s with a touch of vanilla and turmeric

  • 🌈Vanilla Surprise: sweet vanilla-scented donutte bombe with a colorful surprise inside! 

Plant Based   🌱  No Artificial Colors 🚫   Vegan Paraben Free Fragrances and Essential Oils 🍊

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